Thane Housing Construction Companies

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Working hand in hand with companies in Thane has realized the success of the construction companies with their focal point being the Thane Development Authority. The Authority hires the local housing companies and contractors to develop mass structure that meet the requirements of the residents. There are different companies in Thane who have invested so much to see the new face of structures.

Among these companies are the Kanakia Construction and Builders Group. The company commonly known as the Kanakia spaces specializes in international construction and styling to deliver to you a combination of the latest builder space with decent lifestyle. The group will ensure that you will acquire the housing structure that you will develop a sense of ownership as it will meet all your basic requirements. Kanaki space in this case will deliver more than what it had promised to you. As a matter of fact, the company will offer timely delivery and a package of promise facilities. Besides construction of residential units, Kanaki space is specialized in development of commercial and business complexes and also school buildings. They also undertake real estate, entertainment and hospitality among others, with substantial respective spaces.

Another well known construction company is Shapoorji Palloji & Co. Ltd. This company has been dated in construction for ages. It is as old as 140 years and was then build to meet the basic needs of water supply to residents in Mumbai. The company has been involved in different projects running from construction of Factories, Nuclear research labs, scientific research centers, Airports, Stadiums, Hotels and Hospitals among others. The group of companies is not limited to India but is also extended to the Middle East. The construction company was the oldest in India as well as the largest one. They were the first company to be ISO certified and the first one to build the six-storey residential towers. With this performance in the industry many people have seen it as the answer to the best structures owing to the fact that any single brick that it lays is of the highest standard.

Tata Housing Development Co. Ltd. has been another reliable group of company in the industry. It was established in 1984 with its main purpose of managing the Tata Company. The company is basically focused in its work by identification of land, conceptualization of the project, the Architectural design, development, construction and finally marketing and estate management. Due to its availability in the industry many have come to appreciate its finest construction with the current techniques and timely documented completion of their projects.

Thane Housing construction companies is composed of the oldest companies and their experience is an asset that many people have appreciated. The group has answered the dreams of many residents rewarding them with a sense of ownership for their structures.

Thane Housing Construction Companies Thane Housing Construction Companies Thane Housing Construction Companies

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