Pondicherry Housing Construction Companies

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The Pondicherry housing construction industry has been growing steadily for sometime now. A high growth rate in real estate has increased the demand for houses. Housing companies, real estate builders and other housing players are engaging construction companies in huge construction projects in a bid to meet the market demand. This is a positive departure from the idle, undeveloped land Pondicherry had been for long. Both residential and commercial buildings are being built there. Commercial buildings cover different interests, among them office complexes, shopping malls, entertainment joints, factories and industries.

Housing construction companies in Pondicherry employ people who have thorough knowledge about the entire construction process. They also enjoy good working relationships with other players in the housing industry. These are people like house architects, building material suppliers, agents and others. These construction companies operate in either of two main ways. They can buy plots or land and embark on constructing residential houses and commercial buildings on the land. The residential houses are usually for rental purposes. They also build commercial buildings for rental purposes. The other method used by construction companies is where they are hired to work on intended buildings which belong to someone else. A government body, the Pondicherry Development Authority is another big player in the construction industry. It allocates huge projects to construction companies, which include building housing complexes for low and average income earners. Building companies also construct up-market residential houses for the upper- class residents.

They are famous for their quality work, made so by the good quality materials they use in the constructions. They incorporate their knowledge and skills in a careful and creative way that is evident in the ambience given by Pondicherry houses. Some construction companies specialize in one particular house layout and others cover the whole range of civil construction structures. There are specialists who deal with flats and apartments only; others specialize in building commercial houses and/or industrial construction.

One of the famous construction companies in Pondicherry is Martha Constructions. They deal with all spheres of construction including residential, commercial, and industrial. They also offer architectural services, real estate consultancy, both interior and exterior designing of houses and property dealings. Another company which has a big portfolio in the construction industry is P.M Desarathachetty & Co., who also gives good value for money. Other companies that are affiliated with the construction business are Sakthi Murugan Co and Earnest Goodkial & Co.

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