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The navaratna is a compound Sanskrit word which literally means nine gems. The navaratna resembles the nine planets recognized by the Jyotish in India and is usually adorned by Indians in the form of jewelry. The navratna can be worn as a ring by men, or a necklace by women. This according to the Hindu belief is supposed to ward off any evil and bring prosperity and joy to the wearer and his loved ones. The Navaratna essentially resembles the navagrahas or the nine planets whose positions in the galaxy, according to the Jyotish Vidya play an important part in every human’s life. Hence, wearing the Navaratna provides an astrological benefit to the wearer.

The nine gems of the Navaratna and their planets they represent are given below:

Ruby or Manikkam– Sun
Pearl or Moti – Moon
Red Coral or Moonga – Mars
Emerald or Panna – Mercury
Yellow Sapphire or Pushparagam – Jupiter
Diamond or Hira – Venus
Blue Sapphire or Indraneelam – Saturn
Hessonite or Gomedhakam – Rahu
Cat’s Eye or Vaiduryam – Ketu

Each of these nine gems of the Navaratna may have good and evil effects. Hence, before wearing a Navratna, one should consult an astrologer. Depending on an individual’s Jyotish horoscope, either a single gem or combinations of several compatible gems are suggested to be worn to control the balance between the beneficial planets and the harmful ones.

According to the Veda, only the best and top quality gems of the Navratna should be worn by people for the desired results. A Navratna with all its internal luster and free of any impurities is looked upon as a bringer of good luck in one’s life, whereas a Navratna which is devoid of its luster, has cracks and fissures and appears rough should not at all be used as it may bring bad luck. Even, the Vedas state that if someone wears the wrong gem or a gem with many flaws, even ignorantly, it may bring bad luck, grief, loss of wealth or loved ones.

These days, the Navratna are available at all jewelry stores across India, and has become an important part of a person’s life, both for astronomical reasons and as an ornament. Consulting an astrologer before getting a Navratna is as important as buying it.


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