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Of all the traditional dresses, dhoti is considered to be the oldest as well as the most worn dress form in Indian culture. If you will see any period movies, definitely you would come across men draped in white loin cloth assisted with a kurta. The inclusion of dhoti in to the Indian dressing form is hitherto not known but one thing is for sure that it has a very rich heritage.
In the earlier days, dhoti was used to be the casual wear but with the modernization this has transformed or you can say relegated into just formal clothing. However, you would find people, particularly in the rural region, for whom it is still the regular clothing apparel.
Dhoti is basically a 5 yards longs unstitched rectangular cloth, draped about the legs and the waist and entwined at the waist. Dhoti is known by various names in the Indian subcontinent like Dhuti in West Bengal, Veshti in Tamil Nadu, Mundu in Kerala, Laacha in Punjab and Dhotar in Maharashtra. In northern part of the country, it is worn with a combination of Kurta, which is a loose fitting long shirt and is known by the name dhuti Panjabi in east India.
Moreover, there are also galore of styles and methods of wearing dhoti. For example, Bengali men wear the same by making pleats, in South India angavastram is added to the attire etc. Besides, some contemporary method of wearing has also been invented to give the total attire a more modern look. Moreover, for convenience most of the people fold it in half and put the folded part at the waist. In Rajasthan, it is mandatory to wear dhoti-kurta.
Though you might at once think that dhoti has lost its long built popularity, but you are wrong because it is still worn with much dignity and pride by many well-known senior citizens, musicians, dancers, politicians and others. Besides being worn in all important family and government occasions, dhoti and kurta is also permissible in most of the posh upscale clubs, which rather are very strict to their dress codes.

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