Churidar Salwar Kameez

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The churidar salwar kameez, which is more commonly known as churidar, is another version of the salwar kameez that has been found to be very much in demand with the women. It is a slimmer version of the churidar salwar kameez and is much preferred by the younger generation of women. At a first look it would seem that apart from a difference in width churidar salwar kameez is not much different than traditional salwar kameez, but it is not so.

In churidar salwar kameez, the salwar is known as churidar and is very slimmer. It is in fact tight fitting and thus gives the wearer a slimmer look. The length of the churidar in a churidar salwar kameez is much longer than the salwar of the traditional salwar kameez. The churidar has a more body hugging design. Because of its long length it needs to be pulled up on the leg, causing visible wrinkles.

The upper portion of the churidar salwar kameez called the salwar is usually up to the knee of the wearer. It can be designed to have either short sleeves or long sleeves as desired by the women. It is suggested that the churidar salwar kameez should be stitched rather than be bought from a readymade as many women do not get a good fit on the churidar salwar kameez that they buy.

However if you decide to buy readymade churidar salwar kameez, you will find that there are a large number of shops that have very fine collection of them. Also it has been seen that there are many companies that sell their churidar salwar kameez over the internet, as it provides them with a wider client base. There are a large collection of churidar salwar kameez that these companies have to provide, which allows the women customers a larger chance of getting their desired churidar salwar kameez.

Churidar salwar kameez is now widely used by Indian women and they make a great dress for any occasion be it a normal working day or some special occasion like a wedding. With a churidar salwar kameez you will never be dressed inappropriately for a occasion.

Churidar Salwar KameezChuridar Salwar KameezChuridar Salwar KameezChuridar Salwar KameezChuridar Salwar KameezChuridar Salwar Kameez

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  • sanket says:

    the above dresses are buityful
    can you please give me more detail churidar designs with models uptodate. with there prises and all that churidar whose top is below knee (full churidar)

  • Bangaru says:

    can you please tell me for price first blue color dress below knee where we can get in bangalore?

  • Leslie says:

    I love number 6… the gold one. I wish I could order one in that style! 😀

  • keerthi says:

    hi i loved the salwars…wanted to know if u have a magazine which i can subscibe to get it home or is it available else where


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